CUHK Series:A Healthy Eating Guide for Older Adults

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The book not only discusses the importance of nutrition for the elderly people and their dietary problems,but also introduces the practical methods that can help elderly people to eat healthy and the correct way of cooking and storing food. It discusses the various common elderly chronic diseases such as diabetes,chronic renal failure diet management,and provides diet menus and recipes to readers for reference.
The aim of the book is mainly to help the community hospitals,nurses and staff of nursing homes to take care of the elderly people in the correct way,to make the elderly people live more health and quality life. Dietitians,nursing home administrators and nutrition experts modify the contents of this book and make the book also useful to the younger adults,which can also be the training guide for the nursing of elderly community. For readers who need to take care of elderly people,the book can also enhance the basic knowledge about diet of elderlies. Some parts of the content is very practical and has great reference value.