Container Home Building Ideas: 100 Ways To Turn Usual Shipping Container Into Cozy And Warm Home: (Tiny Houses Plans, Interior Design Books, Architecture Books)

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Container Home Building Ideas: 100 Ways To Turn Usual Shipping Container Into Cozy And Warm Home

Book#1: Tiny House Living: Shipping Container Homes: From Finding To Designing Your Own Cozy Little Home

Shipping Containers are laying in waste in unused stockpiles all over the world. This book clearly explains to you how you can obtain these containers, though either direct purchase or even getting them for free. In a world of limited resources getting your hands on material such as a shipping container is invaluable. So go ahead and join the craze that has taken both the shipping and the housing world by storm! Learn how to start your own shipping container home! Read this book to learn more!

Book#2: Shipping Container House: 25 Most Amazing Shipping Container Homes And How To Build One Of Them

If you are a person that loves to experience things that are off the beaten track or not considered the “norm.” You will certainly enjoy reading and learning about the unique Shipping Container Homes that are viewed in this book. Not only will you be able to view numerous examples of amazing Shipping Container Homes, but you will also be given instructions on how you can build your own Shipping Container Home in a cost effective way while creating a wonderful and unique home for you and your loved ones.

Book#3: DIY Project: Shipping Container Homes: 30 Secret Tips How to Build Your Own Shipping Container Home!

Shipping containers are the “new” building blocks, and they make an excellent choice for building any type of house you ever dreamed of. From a tiny, one container home, to a sprawling, multi-floored family home, the possibilities are truly endless!In this guide you are going to learn everything you need in order to get started building the home of your dreams.

Book #4: Shipping Container Homes. Dream Or Reality? Amazing Ideas On How To Build & Get Organized

Containers are used to create homes, offices, storage spaces and emergency accommodation. Containers are relatively cheap, eco-friendly (since they do not require new materials to construct and are saving space in landfill) and allow the builder to create beautiful, imaginative and individual homes. They are easy to install and transport, quick to convert and sturdy enough to stand up to extremes of weather.

Book #5: Shipping Container Home. Great Design and Construction Ideas On How To Build A Shipping Container House And Live In!

Shipping container homes are built out of, you guess it, shipping containers! There are many different sized shipping containers, and different qualities, too. So be sure to do your research on which ones you ought to use and figure out what size you would like your home to be before you get started.

Book #6: Shipping Container Home 20 Essential Hacks to Creating the Home of Your Dreams and 10 General Mistakes to Avoid

In this book you will learn awesome and useful tips and tricks to these environmentally conscious homes, and you will learn what to avoid to keep your home in the top of its prime for years to come.

Book #7: Shipping Container Homes.50 Ideas & Tips On How to Build A Shipping Container Home & Live Fully!

It’s like building your house out of gigantic Lego pieces! Why hasn’t anyone thought of building with these things before!? Why isn’t building with shipping containers all the rage?

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