Celiac Disease: Safe/Unsafe Food List and Essential Information On Living With A Gluten Free Diet

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Celiac / Coeliac Disease diagnoses means you now have a thousand details to figure out. The problem is, you’re in damage control mode and don’t have that kind of time to waste. This essential guide skips the biology lessons and gives you the practical information you need to know right this second.

First and foremost: a comprehensive list of safe and unsafe ingredients. This is Jaqui Karr’s “A to Z” Ingredient Guide (also sold separately if you wish to download on your phone to have everywhere with you and easily check ingredient labels, included free in this book)

Add to that:
-Common vitamin deficiencies
-Avoiding cross-contamination
-Where to look for hidden dangers (also sold separately as a quick reference tool and included free in this book)
-Ideas on how to make a smooth, even enjoyable, transition to living a gluten free life – something only another Celiac can truly understand.

This is your ultra quick, need-it-now, fast guide to managing your new Gluten Free Lifestyle. Consider it your immediate action plan.

Jaqui Karr is The Coach’s Coach on Gluten-Free. Karr’s work is described as “Where Science Meets Common Sense”. She’s a Certified Gluten Practitioner, Sports Nutritionist, Educator to Dietitians, and most famous for one thing: Results.

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