Caution! Music & Video Downloading: Your Guide to Legal, Safe, and Trouble-Free Downloads

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There’s Safety in Knowledge. Are you informed?

Everybody’s doing it – downloading music and video from the Internet and sharing files. But you’ve always worried that such downloads might put your computer at risk, and wondered – are they legal? Relax. This book shows you exactly how to safeguard y our PC while enjoying music and video downloads from safe and legal sources. You’ll get the facts, not the scare tactics, about online music services, virus dangers, spyware, identity theft, and other privacy concerns, with many tips to protect your computer and yourself.
* Select download sites that are safe, legal, and sometimes free
* Review major music downloading and file-sharing sites to choose the best service for your needs
* Make informed decisions about direct downloads versus file sharing
* Get the security track records of all the major file-sharing and direct-download sites
* Understand the types of file-sharing attacks and know if you’ve bee victimized
* Examine the unique risks associated with network use
* Take a look at privacy laws and learn how to protect yourself online
* Learn why illegal downloads aren’t worth the risk
* Download media files safely to your cell phone, MP3 player, or PDA