In recent years, film photography has witnessed a significant renaissance―and not just among those who have previously shot with film. Interest in film photography has also grown enormously among those who only have experience shooting...

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En La Máquina, Justin Roff-Marsh muestra cómo seguir a los intrépidos ejecutivos en tres continentes quienes han implementado sus ideas en los últimos 15 años, construyendo funciones de ventas asombrosamente eficientes, y como consecuencia,...

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Perfect your photos and images with this "focused" guide to Photoshop Elements 10 For most of us, the professional-level Photoshop is overkill for our needs. Amateur photographers and photo enthusiasts turn to Photoshop Elements for a powerful but...

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For one-semester introductory courses in photography.This easy-to-use, inexpensive text introduces students to the fundamentals of photography and suggests ways in which they might create photographs that have meaning. Oriented toward traditional...

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Why does the moon look like cheese? Is is true that there's a man in the moon? Open this educational book to find out the answer. This is a collection of moon facts that your child will enjoy reading and learning. Information is presented with the...

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Mason Turner only has eyes for Lolly Honeymiller. She's vivacious and hilarious and unfortunately thinks of him as her best friend's ex. Lolly's friends cook up a scheme: pretending Lolly is making him over for a special date with his dream girl....

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Almost everyone owns a digital compact camera nowadays, but how many are aware of just how versatile a tool it can be? In The Digital Compact Camera, photographer Mark Lucock reveals how even the simplest camera settings free up the user to be...

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For beginners looking to master the portrait or lifelong photographers looking to try a new twist on the classic genre, this is your photo book. The Complete Portrait Manual provides over 300 tips techniques to help you successfully capture the...

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Written for the camera collector and photography buff, this comprehensive collectors guide and history takes a novel approach to both the instruments and the image. Illustrated with over 500 color photographs, this volume moves from the camera...

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Capture success on Instagram! Instagram is a digital wonderland of stunning photographs and inspirational images, but how can you make sure that your own photos stand out amidst the rainbow of eye candy? To master Instagram and earn that coveted...

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HDR is both a technical solution to the limitations of digital camera sensors, and a creative tool that can give any image much more impact - but it is not without its pitfalls, and it's essential to understand these if you want to take full...

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'Raw Workflow from Capture to Archives' provides specific, practical explanations and how-to instructions for the digital photographer mastering this process. The most comprehensive book devoted to simplifying raw workflow, this guide will...

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Before the multi-million, runaway bestseller The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown set his razor-sharp research and storytelling skills on the most powerful intelligence organization on earth--the National Security Agency (NSA)--in this thrilling novel,...

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Put your subjects in their best light no matter what the setting by taking your speedlight off-camera and creating fantastic portraits with Neil van Niekerk’s expert flash techniques.Whether you’re an aspiring professional or a passionate...

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Learn the fundamental Photoshop design principles that will help you grow your skills and refine your techniques for improved graphic design. This book is the ideal introduction to the skills and techniques needed to excel in graphic design and is...

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El ruido es uno de los problemas que más preocupan a fotógrafos de todos los niveles. A medida que salen modelos nuevos de cámaras fotográficas empiezan a surgir análisis para ver cuanto ruido generan cuando trabajan en ISOs altos. Lo que no...

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“He was one of a kind, my Tomaso. Bursting with energy, he was always trying to satisfy his curiosity by attempting something new. Like flying a plane, or baking bread. He once biked from New York City to Montauk – that’s over a hundred...

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The ideal companion guide for capturing awe-inspiring photos of Yosemite!Whether using a compact camera or a high-end dSLR, this companion guide provides you with detailed information for taking spectacular shots of some of the most recognizable...

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As the new owner of a Digital Rebel XSi/450 you are serious about photography and want to take professional-looking photographs. You also want to quickly and easily discover how, when, and why to use the most important features of your...

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Abundant photographs and illustrations visually enhance the fundamental information offered in this new book for learning the manual operation of basic equipment, including a 35 mm camera. Unique in its use of student photographs, this...

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Creative professionals seeking the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe Photoshop choose Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book (2015 release) from Adobe Press. The 14 project-based lessons in this book show users step-by-step...

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Boston has been a favorite backdrop for novels, films and television series, but some of the best stories about the city are true ones. Historian Ted Clarke explores these stories both the familiar and the obscure that have earned Boston such...

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Learn to shoot professional-quality HD footage with your DSLR Camera The DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook, 2nd Edition is the expert guide to getting professional movie-making results with an HD video-enabled DSLR camera. Fully updated to reflect the...

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There has never been—and will never be—another nightclub to rival the sheer glamour, energy, and wild creativity that was Studio 54. Now, in the first official book on the legendary club, co-owner Ian Schrager presents a spectacular volume...

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Excerpt from Photography With Emulsions: A Treatise on the Theory and Practical Working of Gelatine and Collodion Emulsion ProcessesThe spectroscope will not tell us at present, however, whether the silver or potassium is present as nitrate,...

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Explore the ins and outs of A to Z in an educational setting in this innovative picture book from the Caldecott Honor–winning creator of Alphabet City and A Is for Art.Imagine a school. Any school. Be it your school, one from memory, or even a...

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A nightclub photographer's uncensored collection of the hot Latinas that participated in the wet t shirt contests.Eine Diskothek Fotografen unzensierte Sammlung der heißen Latinas, die in den nassen T-Shirt Contests teilgenommen.Collection non...

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A photographer and a lousy cheap digital camera - this is the way they do it...

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If we’re not happy about our photographs it's time we did something about it. WHAT IF there was a course specially for beginners, full of everything you needed to become a good photographer, with a personal tutor, that you could do online at...

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A beautiful souvenir book of America's Finest City. Large-format color pictures are accompanied with historic quotes and information. Used Book in Good...

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Teach yourself how to play piano with our easy piano lessons for beginners.***Comes with online access to free piano videos and audio demonstrating all examples. See and hear how each one is played by a teacher, then play along with the backing...

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What if you could take a gigantic shortcut and get all the information you need to capture DSLR photographs in a matter of days, rather than years?What if I told you there was a way to learn exactly how an award-winning photographer shoots,...

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For the past 50 years, the covers of Rolling Stone have depicted the icons of popular culture—from John Lennon, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Madonna, and Steve Martin to Rihanna, Louis C.K., Adele, Radiohead, and Barack Obama—cementing their...

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