The hands-on instruction that digital photographers need to compose great shots Introducing readers to the basic elements of design, this full-color guide shows photographers step by step how to frame great compositions before they take the shot....

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How to make digital photography lighting more creative—and less challenging!How do you master the art of lighting your photographs? Go beyond the basics, go beyond the "rules," and get creative with the help of renowned photographer Harold...

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Written by bestselling author Jeff Wignall (The Joy of Digital Photography), this conveniently sized take-along guide is geared expressly to the novice digital photographer. It covers the important basics any beginner needs to know, from equipment...

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'Art School' explores three different media - watercolour, oils and acrylics - highlighting their characteristics and special effects, using step-by-step instructions and illustrations to show how to get the best out of them. See how to experiment...

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The bestselling guide to building a knockout Web site, newly updated An effective Web site is the key to success for every venture from class reunions to major corporations. And since Web technology changes rapidly, Building a Web Site For...

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Publishing Rationale - Digital Camera use is clearly on the rise -sales of cameras have topped Billion, and the digital category now makes up about 36% of the entire camera market, with 1.8 million units sold in 1999 (a 63% increase in 1999),...

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Manual ONLY* Camara Digital Nikon Coolpix L12 Manual del usuario/ Nikon Coolpix L12 Instruction Manual -SPANISH TEXT...

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The photograph can be an astonishing means of connecting and communicating with others. But with over one trillion photos taken each year, why are there so few successes? Why do so many fail? With advances in camera technology, it is not because...

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Are You Ready To Take Your Photography and Photoshop Lightroom Skills To Another Level? This is The 17 Tips You Should Know to Get Started Using Photoshop Lightroom & The Complete Beginners Guide to Creating Amazing Digital Pictures in 60 Minutes...

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The school curriculum is a contested arena. There are competing pressures from those who advocate that it should be constructed on a subject specific basis, whereas at the other end of the continuum is the stance taken by this book, that learning,...

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DISCOVER: A Quick And Easy Guide To Using Photography Tips And Tricks To Take Spectacular And Amazing Photos *** BONUS! : FREE Natural Remedies Report Included !! *** * * * LIMITED TIME OFFER! * * * You probably wonder how so many people take...

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YA ESTÁ DISPONIBLE LA SEGUNDA PARTE DE LA TRILOGÍA. PUEDES ADQUIRIRLA EN MI TIENDA DE ETSY. Busca por novela El sol oscuro y la encontrarás.Jeriel es una muchacha especial, con habilidades poco comunes que despierta el interés de cualquier...

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Focus is an important artistic tool, directing your viewers into and around your image, but a technical challenge too. In this book, the first serious treatent of the topic in the digital age, John Neel shows how a mastery of your lens will...

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The Ultimate Guide to Photography is aimed at those looking to take their photography to the next level by learning skills and techniques for a variety of subjects. It is packed with expert advice from many of the UKs leading professional...

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Are you excited about Photoshop but not how to use the features?Check out our high quality examples of advanced Photoshop features in this book.A book dedicated to walking you through how to use Photoshop on a more advanced level. These examples...

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Digital Photography for BeginnersBasic Techniques on How to Make Your Digital Photos Look AmazingFor only a short period of time get this book for a discounted price! Read on your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet or Kindle Device. This book is...

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Excerpt from Bulletin of Photography, Vol. 28: The Weekly Magazine for the Professional Photographer; January 5 to June 29, 1921These gums are brought to solution by prolonged digestion in the solvents and shaking from time to time.About the...

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This book includes practical tips for photographers.Today, a photographer - what is there to hide - every second becomes: these are the ladies on maternity leave, and taxi drivers, and many others. In the abundant information flow imposed by...

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All the techniques - from aperture and focus to framing and composition - to manipulating computer images. Fully Illustrated with More than 1700 Instructive and Inspirational ImagesA comprehensive guide to everything there is to know about...

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Do you wish you had the most essential information you need to shoot compelling close-up photos using your digital camera's advanced capabilities? DAVID BUSCH'S CLOSE-UP AND MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY COMPACT FIELD GUIDE is your solution. This new,...

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Featuring over 150 winning, commended and selected images from entrants based all around the world, this collection captures the magnificent diversity of our planet. The annual competition, organized by Outdoor Photography magazine and now in its...

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Studio lighting offers portrait photographers unlimited creative control. Mastering its use requires a specific skill set, however. Fortunately, portrait photography legend Tony Corbell is up to the task of showing readers how to harness its full...

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It’s never been easier to find success and happiness in a career that offers endless growth potential and tons of fun: Pet photography is the answer you’ve been looking for! Who wouldn’t want the artistic freedom of photography and the...

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Since its first publication, Classic Tailoring Techniques for Menswear has been the authoritative resource for custom hand tailoring production. This new edition focuses on updating these timeless construction techniques through extensive use of...

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In What Photography Is, James Elkins examines the strange and alluring power of photography in the same provocative and evocative manner as he explored oil painting in his best-selling What Painting Is. In the course of an extended imaginary...

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“Photographs as timeless, as stunning, and as powerful as nature itself.”―Tom Brokaw In this renowned guide to capturing the outdoor world on film, Galen Rowell, the master of nature and adventure photography, reveals the art, craft, and...

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If you're a beginner photographer, this book can save you hundreds of dollars. If you're a seasoned pro, it can save you thousands. By helping you choose the best equipment for your budget and style of photography, this book can drastically...

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In this series, Aperture Foundation works with the world's top photographers to distill their creative approaches, teachings, and insights on photography—offering the workshop experience in a book. Its goal is to inspire photographers of all...

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The complete beginner's guide to DSLR photography It doesn't matter if your camera says Canon, Nikon, or Sony on the outside. If a passion for photography is on your inside, this all-encompassing guide will be your new best friend. Packed with...

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John Cotton Dana (1856-1929) should be a household name. He started out as a reform-minded librarian intent on making libraries into engines of education, hence of opportunity, for women, workers and the business community. He took a similar view...

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After upgrading to the Nikon D3/D3x, "David Busch's Nikon D3/D3x Guide to Digital SLR Photography" will help you maximize your experience with your new camera. This book provides a complete overview of the long list of features included with the...

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In the late nineteenth century, the development of a relatively new invention—the moving picture—dramatically changed visual culture. Films not only captured the public imagination, they altered the way the world was represented to and received...

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Photography legend John Shaw returns with his much-anticipated guide to digital nature photography, complete with more than 250 extraordinarily beautiful photographs. For over four decades, John Shaw’s authentic voice and trusted advice has...

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