The Moleskine Cahiers are journals with a flexible heavy-duty writable cardboard cover in black with visible stitching on the spine. The last 16 sheets are detachable and there is a pocket for loose notes. Each set of 3 pieces includes the...

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Digital photography has changed the visual world, bringing an onslaught of new tools, techniques, and technology—a daunting challenge for photographers trying to keep up with the latest innovations. Fortunately, that task has just gotten a little...

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Certainly one of the most difficult, often neglected areas of art study is the correct rendering of heads, features, and faces. This volume, prepared by an expert in the field, is devoted exclusively to just that. With its clear, concise text, its...

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Moments of peak action are well-known in sports photography, but they also happen in nature photography. The light can change within seconds and the best light may occur only long enough for a single frame. To create dramatic images, landscape...

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Use personalized digital pictures inserted in these templates to teach complicated social language skills. The students become engaged in their learning as they acquire appropriate communication techniques and rules to use in dealing with...

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How come there are so many of you taking selfies in public toilets and other absolutely inappropriate places?Do you really think that you look MARVELOUS and DESIRABLE.... in toilet...?!Each and every element visible in a photo matters - because...

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Digital Stock Photography equips photographers with everything they need to know to create digital stock photos that sell in today’s marketplace. From organizing a shoot to raking in the profits as the pictures sell and sell and sell again, all...

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Integrate technology into the curriculum with Digital Photography featuring 36 content-based lessons organized around key technology skills. This resource also includes a concise overview of effective use of the latest technology in today's...

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“A border ain’t nothing but a law drawn in the sand.” So says a small-town Texas sheriff in Ted Bell’s most gripping espionage thriller to date. Things along America’s southern border are rapidly reaching the boiling point. American...

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Aspiring photographers are always looking for that edge, that fresh point of view to add drama to their images. Photographer Joey L. found his vision early, drawing critical acclaim as a brilliant commercial photographer with a distinctive...

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The OC Fair & Event Center annually conducts a highly competitive Visual Arts competition which includes Fine Art, Photography and Woodworking. These catalogs document the first place, special award winners and featured artists that were on...

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Clear, practical advice on how to get creative with and achieve the best from studio lightingReaders will fully understand how to light a subject and compose a great photograph with this guide's explanations and demonstrations of basic and...

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The Moleskine Cahiers are journals with a flexible heavy-duty writable cardboard cover in kraft brown with visible stitching on the spine. The last 16 sheets are detachable and there is a pocket for loose notes. Each set of 3 pieces includes the...

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Photography: A Critical Introduction was the first introductory textbook to examine key debates in photographic theory and place them in their social and political contexts, and is now established as one of the leading textbooks in its field....

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The best tips anyone can use to take better outdoor pictures. Nature and the outdoors provide us with exceptional beauty year-round. Now, author and professional photographer Steve Price has put together a collection of tips, tricks, and pointers...

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Introducing drama to the learning experience is guaranteed to enrich a child's development, and is an especially effective approach for children with special educational needs, including those with autism spectrum disorders. This practical...

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The Moleskine Cahiers are journals with a flexible heavy-duty writable cardboard cover in black with visible stitching on the spine. The last 16 sheets are detachable and there is a pocket for loose notes. Each set of 3 pieces includes the...

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Factory Sealed with free gifts...

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A great new way to find out how to shoot in difficult situations, no trawling through long paragraphs to get the information you need then and there! Tips and tricks has a simple to follow layout, allowing you to quickly reach the relevant section...

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On the eve of Beth's college graduation, she is given the opportunity of a lifetime; an overnight, all expenses paid photography trip that will take her from New Jersey to the hot sands of Miami Beach. This adventure could land her the top...

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Furnishing a comprehensive introduction to the world of digital photography, a master photographer shares his insider's expertise on a rapidly evolving medium, offering practical instruction and tips on how to take portrait, landscape, still life,...

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Here is the ultimate reference for fitting test garments and transferring accurate adjustments to patterns! No matter what size or shape you are, wearing garments that fit perfectly makes you look and feel better. Rather than making commonly...

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Amazon's #1 rated and best-selling digital photography book, and the first ever Gold Honoree of the Benjamin Franklin Digital Award, gives you five innovations no other book offers:1. FREE VIDEO TRAINING. 100 videos totaling 12+ HOURS of video...

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Digital Sheet Music of DreamerComposed by: Bethany Dillon;Ed CashPerformed by: Bethany...

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“For decades, Hale's admirers throughout America have hoped that his lectures on drawing and anatomy would become available in book form. I am delighted that this moment has come at last. For this book is not only a permanent record of Hale's...

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An easy guide to discover the techniques, tips & tricks to become a professional photographer. Learn the basic features of photography on part 1 of this series: shutter, aperture, composition, ISO, lighting and all you need to practice & master...

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Digital SLR cameras come with many controls and settings designed to allow you to make a perfect exposure. But remembering where they are and how the features work together can be daunting. If you decide to carry the user manual in your bag but...

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Get Canon Cameras Freelance Photography Jobs Now! Amazing Freelance Photographer Jobs Starting a Photography Business with a Commercial Photographer Canon Cameras! Imagine you can have the knowledge you want to start your freelance business and...

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Go Photo! features 25 hands-on and creative activities inspired by photography. Aimed at children between eight and twelve years old, this playful and fun collection of projects encourages young readers to experiment with their imaginations, get...

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An aficionado's tour of some of world's most significant golf courses pairs lavish photography with informative text on each depicted course's history, natural setting, design, and notable challenges, in a volume that highlights such locales as...

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From the creator/editor of Who Shot Rock & Roll (“I loved this book” —Dwight Garner, The New York Times. “Whatever Gail Buckland writes, I want to read”), a book that brings together the work of 165 extraordinary photographers, most of...

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Share the warmth of a smile with these adorable babies!The perfect snuggletime book and an ideal first read-aloud book, this addition to the popular Baby Faces series has appealing photos of multicultural babies and toddlers and a brief, rhyming...

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Professional photography advice for D3000 beginners The Nikon D3000 is Nikon's new entry-level camera. With the D3000, you get all the features of Nikon's older cameras along with an updated battery, larger monitor, and improved focus features. In...

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