Belly Buster: Lose Inches from Your Stomach in Just a Few Minutes a Day

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Forget about those magazine cover models with six-pack abs. Forget about finding the time to sweat in a health club from two hours a day. This is the book for typical Americans with busy lives and limited free time. This is the book for people who look at the chiseled models and think, “I will never look like that.” “Belly Buster” offers simple ways to shrink your stomach, exercises that can be performed within the comfort of your own home. “Belly Buster” will appeal to men and women, young and old, because this is the only book that sets realistic goals and guides the reader to creating a customized workout to achieve those goals. Exercise, diet and lifestyle choices and tips are the heart of the content of “Belly Buster”, the only exercise book designed specifically for people with realistic goals who want to look and feel better without devoting hours per day to it.

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