Backwoods Home Magazine #88 – July/Aug 2004

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Back issue no. 88 contains: Split shake siding the modern way; Make your own bee equipment; A portable mini-cabin; Hungry enough to eat a horse?; Wonderful wilderness wines; Jams and jellies from Mother Nature’s wilderness picks; Solar Power 101 – Batteries, part 2; Fried chicken for breakfast; Beekeeping basics; Controlling groundhogs; Plantain; Nursing – a perfect backwoods career; and Ashland, Oregon. Plus, Dave Duffy writes about a summer of energy fairs and politics; Massad Ayoob addresses the pump shotgun – a backwoods classic; John Silveira discusses democracy in Iraq; and as usual, Jackie Clay answers readers’ questions about repacking pickle relish, poisoned compost pile, growing yeast, pickled red beet eggs, failed sauerkraut, companion planting, canning catsup, rough cast iron pan, homemade chicken feed, gardening in a cool climate, and a cold cereal recipe.