Avoiding the Con in Construction-How to plan for hassle-free home building, renovation & repair

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Do you want to build a new house or contract for a major repair, renovation or addition? Here’s the blueprint that will help ensure that your project is done correctly, on time, and on budget.

Avoiding the Con in Construction is a comprehensive guide that covers the bases of construction contracting in terms that you can understand. You’ll learn how to:
*Develop a concise and inclusive Scope of Work that details what, exactly, the contractor will do

*Research the contractor’s license and insurance, as well as his or her construction history and personal background

*Recognize proposals and contracts that are one-sided or unfair

In addition, this book explains the permitting and inspection process, and how it benefits you. Pitfalls such as liens, jobsite injuries, and other costly events are explained, as are the methods to avoid them.

Whether you are planning a small repair, remodel, or addition, or construction of a new home, the same contracting procedures and protective guidelines generally apply. With Avoiding the Con in Construction in hand, you can make informed contracting decisions.