Amazon Prime: The Ultimate Guide to get your money’s worth from an Amazon Prime Membership and Kindle Unlimited using Amazon Prime Shipping, Instant Video … Echo and Amazon Prime Photos Book 1)

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Amazon Prime

The Complete Guide to Getting the Most out of Your Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime has taken the United States by storm over the last decade, and is now expanding its benefits to the rest of the world. Amazon Prime’s two day shipping program and unlimited movies/audio are well know to the world; and have caused you and a lot of others to sign up.

But there are several features of Amazon and Amazon Prime that you may not be aware of. You may not be taking full advantage of this wonderful service and wonderful company.

Amazon Prime is so popular among its users that 40% of Amazon customers are Amazon Prime users; and 49% of Prime Members spend at least 0 a year. The long term members of Amazon Prime are so used to the benefits that they spend more than the rest.

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • What is Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Prime Entertainment
  • Amazon Prime Savings
  • Best Ways to Use Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Prime Elements
  • Amazon Prime Household
  • Amazon Prime Fresh
  • Amazon Now
  • Shopping with Amazon Coupons
  • Using Kindle with Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Prime – Little Known Tricks

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