AMAZON ENTERTAINMENT: TIPS & TRICKS: Make The Most Out Of Amazon Music, Prime Video, Appstore, Digital Games, Online Courses, Audiobooks, Rapids

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Look, these are just the first things that you can think of:

– Is Amazon Music free with a Prime membership?

– How do I play my Amazon music?

– What is the difference between Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited?

– Can I play my Amazon music without Internet?

– Can I share my Amazon Prime music with family?

– What is an audiobook on Amazon?

– How do you listen to audio books from Amazon?

– How do I download audiobooks from Amazon?

– Can I watch Amazon video on my phone?

– How do I download the Amazon app store?

– Is there an Amazon app store for iPhone?

– How do I set parental controls on prime video?

– Why is Amazon Prime video not working?

How to figure out all this variety of things, how to choose what will be useful for you and utilize all the potential of this service? Are you interested? Then this book is for you! We will describe in detail what the difference is between Prime and Unlimited, what’s an Audible Membership, how to download music to listen offline and a myriad of other interesting things. Aside from that, this book provides useful advice on how to avoid common problems with using these services.

This guide contains detailed descriptions and instructions for the following sections:

Amazon Music

– Overview of Amazon Music Unlimited
– Buy Digital Music
– Amazon Music App
– Downloading Your Music
– Uploading Music
– Listening to Your Music
– About Soccer Live with Amazon Music

Amazon Video

– Video Settings
– About TV Season
– Resolve Issues
– Video Issues

Amazon Appstore

– About Amazon Appstore
– Installing Amazon Appstore
– Purchase & Install an App
– Managing Apps
– Amazon Coins
– About GameCircle
– Appstore Device Resources
– Single Sign On
– Deregister a Device

Kindle Reading Apps

– Getting Started
– Purchasing & Managing Content
– Audio & Accessibility Features
– Resolve Issues

Digital Games, Software, & Online Courses

– About Returning Digital Games & Software Purchases
– Buy a Digital Game or Software Download
– Buy Online Courses or Online Education Materials
– Pay for Digital Games & Software with a Promotion or Gift Card
– Pre-Order Digital Games & Software
– Download and Install Your Order
– About Online Access Codes
– Modify Software Subscription Licenses
– Cancel a Paid or Free Trial Software Subscription
– Resolve Issues

Audible Audiobooks

– Audible Membership Plans & Benefits
– Sign up for the Audible Free Trial
– Cancel Your Audible Membership
– About Audible Credits
– Exchange Your Audiobook
– Getting Started
– Listen to Audiobooks
– Listen to Audiobooks on Amazon Devices
– Manage Your Library
– Manage Your Account
– Pre-order an Audiobook from

Amazon Rapids

– Explore Amazon Rapids
– Download & Install the Latest Version of Amazon Rapids