All You Need to Know about Kefir Water Plus 45 Recipes: Today’s Superfood, Facts, Health Benefits, Weight Loss (Today’s Superfoods Book 7)

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You will learn everything about Water Kefir that will get you started and excited about creating your own probiotic beverages that is super healthy for you and much cheaper and healthier than buying in the store.

Water kefir is a fermented probiotic beverage, with a slightly sweet, yeasty flavor which contains a small amount of alcohol and is slightly fizzy. It is a delicious, quick and easy beverage to prepare, much cheaper than store bought beverages and healthier for you. Water kefir contains beneficial bacteria; a variety of enzymes, organic acids, plus a wide range of B vitamins, vitamin K and folic acid.

Water kefir has a low glycemic load and is caffeine free. Also water kefir is a great beverage for those who have a milk sensitivity.

Water kefir is known by a variety of different names such as tibico, tibi, sugar kefir, Japanese water crystals and California bees. Water kefir is made with kefir grains, which are translucent, gelatinous pearls of assorted bacteria, yeasts, water and sugar.

What you will learn:

What is Water Kefir?

Why it’s Good for You

History of Water Kefir

Bacteria Strains Known to Exist in Water Kefir Grains

Water Kefir vs. Milk Kefir

Milk Kefir Recipe

What kind of milk to use?

Secondary Fermentation

Caring For Your Kefir Grains

Fermenting Containers

The Type of Water You Use Matters

What Types of Sugar Can Be Used?

Fermenting Temperatures and Why it is Important

Storage of Your Water Kefir Beverage

The Benefits of Brewing Your Own Water Kefir

Storing Extra Grains

Water Kefir Recipes and Tips

The Basic Water Kefir Recipe (or coconut water kefir)

Water Kefir Recipes

Kefir Lemonade


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