59 Ways to Lose Weight (Extended edition): Practical tips on losing weight at home

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59 Ways to Lose Weight
(Extended edition)
Practical tips on losing weight at home

This is an extended edition, amended and supplemented.
Every day, hundreds of millions of people around the world are fighting overweight. They heroically attack the fat, curse food and burn the hated kilocalories in the flame of ruthless training.

They win victory, and … lose the war. They lose because they are not fighting with those enemies, but meanwhile, the real enemy calmly chose the moment and dealt a crushing blow.

The only truly dangerous enemy of woman, struggling with being overweight – is not fat, not food and a sedentary lifestyle. The enemy is within you, like the proverbial fifth column in the rear to fight the army.

The lazy glutton, and a servant his momentary whims, he can not act boldly and aggressively, but able to whisper, to cheat and beat treacherously in the back. This he quietly reshapes you in his image. Look at yourself in the mirror.

In your appearance no one clear line, face blurred, cheeks smoothly flow in the neck and into the stomach, hanging on all sides? His job! And you will not see the victory in the war on excess weight and centimeters, until the defeat of its internal enemies. No, it is impossible to kill him, because it is part of you, if not the best. But tame, remove from power – it will have to do, otherwise you will not notice how he would again rule over you, like cattle, fattened for slaughter…..