1001 Hints & Tips for Your Garden : An Indispensable Guide to Easier and More Effective Gardening

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Whether you want to plant a tree, choose a climber, grow fragrant flowers, or learn how to apply the various types of fertilizer, this comprehensive A-to-Z book will help you get the job done. And because topics are cross-referenced, you will find it easy to use.
Inside are samplers of varieties of the best-loved plants – flowers, vegetables, trees, and shrubs – and a list of tulips that will take turns blooming all spring long. And for lovers of lilies, there is a guide for three months of blossoms. A month-by-month calendar provides a handy checklist for taking care of trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, lawns, and container plants. Also included are tips on how to attract butterflies and ladybugs to your garden, easy ways to compost, and a list of good patio plants.
1001 Hints & Tips for Your Garden offers secrets for siting plants and strategies for coping with weeds, wind, drought, and frost. Here, too, are plants which are best for creating privacy and baffling noise. An illustrated 20-page section on common pests and diseases shows how to diagnose and deal with problems in the garden. And tips on hedges, fences, trellises, and fountains help the gardener achieve a finished look in the garden.
Twelve special features cover such topics as heirloom vegetables and roses, wildflower meadows and period gardens.

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